Pastor’s Ramblins

This has certainly been a season that has tried out patience, tested our faith, and stretched our mental and physical health.  For many reasons, this pandemic has brought out both the best and worst in humanity.  The fact that this virus is still running rampant throughout the world means that this time of testing is not going to end any time soon.

Like many others, I am ready for things to get back to “normal”; whatever that is.  I miss weekly worship where we gather together, I miss meeting with people in the myriad of places I used to.  I miss being able to walk around without a mask fogging up my glasses.  I struggle with remaining positive in our current situation.

During these times we may rail against the “unfairness” of it all.  Remember, no one said life was fair is not helpful in this circumstance.  However, faith is.  This is a time when our faith is put to the test.  Do we still gather (even virtually) together for worship?  Do we pray for one another in times of joy and difficulty?  Do we spend time, daily, with God listening to God’s guidance?  Are we still reaching out in whatever way we can to show the love of Jesus to others?  Are we encouraging and presenting opportunities for people to experience God and become followers of Jesus?

While it is easy to focus on the limitations placed on us because of the Corona Virus, we need to spend time examining and using the opportunities that are uniquely before us during this time as well.

We have placed a number of our ministries in an online setting.  For those of us who are not technological adherents, this has been challenging.  We have had to learning about videoing, editing, social media, or even just basic internet usage.  Those who do not have those capabilities have had to find friends and family to help them navigate this new realm of interaction.  This is a good thing, after all, there are 3 generations of people walking the earth for whom the internet, cell phones, and a multitude of online interactions are their primary form of communication.

I believe that this virus has been a horrible thing to endure, but it has also been a unique opportunity to learn how to communicate with generations we may have otherwise missed.  To step out in faith and learn how to do this is a God gift.  Like Paul, we have an opportunity to become what we must so that we may reach some with the message of Jesus.

God bless!

Pastor Mike

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