Pastor’s Ramblins

We are now more than 5 months into living in a world with Covid-19.  Many of us are tired of hearing about it.  Most people voice a desire for things to get back to some semblance of “normal”.  Know that I hear you.  I, too, desire for things to get back to normal.  I wish (yes I said wish) I knew when normal would be able to return.  So many activities would be able to happen, cancellations would be related to weather instead of some unseen virus.  However, I know that God is still in control.

As I reflect on the last several months, I am amazed at all the ways churches are finding to be in ministry, do ministry, and still reach out to the least and the lost.  As we continue to find ways to do more aspects of ministry in person, we (Council, Ministry Directors, and I) prayerfully consider each action to ensure safety, adherence to expectations (as much as possible), and opportunity to freely express our gratitude, glory, and praise to God in a myriad of ways.  In the coming weeks there will be discussion of Sunday School classes meeting again (in small groups) both at the church and in homes.  We will also explore ways that the Youth Group will be able to meet in person as well.  Most importantly, we will have conversations around what new ministries can/do we need to develop to give voice to our witness (our why of existing) in the greater community.

As a congregation we have maintained a level of connection to families in our community that is amazing and wonderful.  I have heard from numerous families and individuals in the Port Trevorton area share their gratitude and thanks for the meals and food that we have provided that has helped them through this time.  Even the short conversations and words of blessing as meals and bags are handed into cars has been a boon to many of our neighbors and friends.  Perhaps what stands out the most to me is the week we handed out flowers to each and every woman and girl that came through.  The number of surprised faces, smiles, and even tears made it clear that we were doing a Godly thing. In this time we have also given away several of our old air conditioners to elderly members of the greater community who needed a way to keep their apartments cool enough to be comfortable.

Keep praying, keep calling and talking to one another, and if you have a need, please do not hesitate to call. We love God, love you, and want to be able to express that through more than words.

God Bless!

Pastor Mike

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